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Recyclable Coffee Mug Manufacturing

food and drink
Product Type
With an alarming rate of plastic waste that goes into landfills, it is becoming important to find alternatives to single-use plastic items such as disposable coffee cups.
Market Size & User Personas
Coffee lovers who are conscious of their environmental footprint and corporate organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
The concept of manufacturing reusable coffee mugs using environment friendly materials, such as ceramic, glass, silicon, steel and bamboo, which are recyclable and non-toxic.
MVP Features
High quality, eco-friendly materials, attractive designs, leak proof lids and good insulation.
Implementation Details
Sourcing and using materials from reliable, reputed manufacturers, employing a team of experienced designers and technicians and providing easy access of the product online and offline.
Value Proposition
High quality reusable mugs which are environment friendly, stylish and easy to use.
Pain Points to Solve
High levels of plastic and paper waste due to the use of disposable coffee cups.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct online sales, corporate sales, café chains and retail outlets.
Revenue Stream Sources
Retail and corporate sales.
Cost Structures
Sourcing raw materials, manufacturing and packaging costs, operating and administrative expenses, marketing costs, wages, etc.
Key Activities
Research and development of products, sourcing of raw materials, manufacture and packaging of mugs, marketing, retail, corporate sales, customer service etc.
Key Resources
People, machinery, raw materials and technology.
Key Partners
Raw material suppliers, manufacturers, café chains, retailers, distributors, etc.
Competition Landscape
Competitors in the same field as us include: Starbucks, reusable cup companies, Eco-friendly mug company, and many more.
Competition Advantage
Our mugs are comparatively higher quality, recyclable, have innovative design, and are competitively priced.
Idea Validation Steps
Conducting surveys, focus groups and interviews with coffee lovers and corporate organizations and testing prototypes with real users.
Potential Business Challenges
High cost of materials, finding reliable partners like retail/corporate outlets, competition from established players in the space.