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Citizen Operation Portal

Product Type
Government agencies are often inefficient in delivering on citizen needs due to resource limitations. As a result, citizens are not able to access government services and resources in a timely manner
Market Size & User Personas
Government agencies, various voters, and taxpayers.
A digital product for citizens to interact with the government agencies and access public services.
MVP Features
A mobile application and website that provides citizens with access to government services and information on demand. It should include a searchable database of various government services, an easy to access create case feature, an FAQ section, and a secure payment portal.
Implementation Details
The MVP will be implemented with a web application and a native mobile app. Development should be done using a React Native framework for the mobile application and a Django framework for the web application.
Value Proposition
The portal will provide citizens with easy access to public services, as well as information and resources to make informed decisions on political matters.
Pain Points to Solve
Ease and accessibility of government services, lack of transparency from government agencies, lack of access to reliable information.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to spread awareness of the product. In addition, by partnering with local government agencies in order to provide information on the portal.
Revenue Stream Sources
Charging government agencies fees for using the platform. As well as offering premium services such as access to specialized information or services.
Cost Structures
Capital costs for development and production, operational costs such as salaries for staff members, and advertisement and marketing costs.
Key Activities
Researching and implementing the development of the product, managing product updates, and creating an effective marketing strategy.
Key Resources
Software engineers, developers, designers, marketing experts, and customer support employees.
Key Partners
Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and data providers.
Competition Landscape
The market for digital products that provide resources and access to government services is small, but growing.
Competition Advantage
Our product will provide easy access to a variety of government services and reliable information in a single platform.
Idea Validation Steps
Conducting user interviews and research to determine the potential need for the product, forming collaborations with government agencies, and testing the product on a small scale.
Potential Business Challenges
Ensuring the product is compliant with government regulations, gaining user acceptance, and meeting the security and privacy requirements.