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Smart Soccer Goal System

Product Type
Currently, there is no good system for amateur soccer players to measure the accuracy and power of shots.
Market Size & User Personas
Amateur soccer players of all ages and skill levels, parents of children who play soccer, coaches of youth teams, and recreational soccer leagues.
Create a comprehensive system that helps amateur soccer players track and measure their kick performance for accuracy, power, and technique.
MVP Features
A connected goal structure that includes a net and goalposts capable of detecting kick velocities, a wireless connection for sending data to a smartphone app, and a mobile app with metrics on accuracy and power of kicks, and real-time feedback.
Implementation Details
Develop the structural components of the goal and incorporate sensors for data collection, wirelessly transmit the data from the goal to a smartphone app, create the user interface of the app to display the metrics, and test the product with a range of soccer players.
Value Proposition
The Smart Soccer Goal System will be the first comprehensive kick tracking system designed specifically for amateur soccer players and it will make it easier for players to track their progress and set goals to improve their game
Pain Points to Solve
Currently there is not an easy way to accurately track the performance of kicks for amateur soccer players. The Smart Soccer Goal System is the only comprehensive kick tracking system that will give amateur players detailed metrics and real-time feedback on each of their kicks
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online sales through retail sites, targeted campaigns to sports clubs and education programs, social media influencers, and trade shows.
Revenue Stream Sources
Online sales of the Smart Soccer Goal System, subscriptions for data access, and sponsorship deals with professional sports teams.
Cost Structures
Manufacturing costs for the physical components of the system, app development costs, customer service costs, and marketing costs.
Key Activities
Product development, testing, customer service, and marketing.
Key Resources
Engineers for product development, customer service representatives, designers for the mobile app, and marketing professionals.
Key Partners
Manufacturing partners to produce the physical components of the goal, technology partners to facilitate the data transmission, and professional soccer teams for sponsorship deals.
Competition Landscape
Major technology companies including Nike and Adidas, other sports technology companies, and recreational soccer leagues.
Competition Advantage
The Smart Soccer Goal System is the most comprehensive kick tracking system on the market and it will be much more affordable than existing technology.
Idea Validation Steps
Get feedback from amateur soccer players to understand their needs and interests, conduct surveys to understand how existing technology is being used, and showcase the Smart Soccer Goal System to potential customers.
Potential Business Challenges
Creating a durable structure that can detect accurate data from kicks, creating an engaging and user-friendly mobile app, and competing with major companies on price.