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real estate
Product Type
People have difficulty and confusion in selling and buying real estate properties.
Market Size & User Personas
Real estate professionals, first time home buyers, property investors and others.
A physical product that simplifies the process of buying and selling real estate properties.
MVP Features
A mobile application that allows users to list their current properties along with images and detailed descriptions of the properties. An algorithm to match buyers with suitable properties that meet their requirements and budget.
Implementation Details
The mobile application will be built using React Native and the database will be hosted on a cloud platform. The algorithm will be built using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies for accurate results.
Value Proposition
Simplified and efficient property transaction experience for users.
Pain Points to Solve
Difficulty in understanding the real estate landscape, complex paperwork, lack of visibility for potential sellers and buyers, time consuming and ineffective methods of searching for properties.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Paid advertisement campaigns. Blogging, webinars, and seminars.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees from buyers and sellers. Banner and user ads. Commissions from sales.
Cost Structures
Web hosting costs, marketing costs, software development costs, customer service costs.
Key Activities
Developing and launching the mobile application, implementing and optimizing the Machine Learning algorithm and the user database, maintaining the cloud platform, developing efficient customer service protocol etc.
Key Resources
Trained developers and engineers, marketing professionals, customer service representatives.
Key Partners
Real estate agents, software developers, law firms, mortgage brokers, and landlords.
Competition Landscape
Highly competitive real estate market with many existing vendors providing similar services.
Competition Advantage
User experience driven product design that focuses on simplifying the real estate transaction process.
Idea Validation Steps
Conducting market research, creating a user feedback survey, launching a prototype or MVP product, running A/B tests.
Potential Business Challenges
High initial cost of development, difficulty in gaining user adoption, long-term sustainable growth etc.