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E-Wallet Savings Advisor

Product Type
Many people are not aware of the best savings options available to them or which accounts they should be investing their money in
Market Size & User Personas
People who see the value in consulting with a savings and investment advisor who can help to make decisions about their future financial portfolio and any investment opportunities that might come about as a result.
To provide a financial advisor online that specializes in helping people make the most out of their savings, investments, and other asset plans for the future. This will be a full-service automated way to give customers personalized advice on which savings accounts, stocks, bonds, funds, and other options they should focus on.
MVP Features
A website providing online financial advice, notifications about investment opportunities, automated investment planning and account management tools, ability to create a personalized portfolio, and a customer support center.
Implementation Details
The MVP can be built using standard web development languages and frameworks such as ReactJS and Firebase on a cloud-based infrastructure. The financial advice tool should be based off machine-learning algorithms and data-driven analytical models which can best categorize different investment options.
Value Proposition
E-Wallet Savings Advisor offers customers a comprehensive and automated way of taking control of their future financial plans. It is tailored specifically to their risk-tolerance level, account types, and investment objectives all while giving them expert advice on which savings and investments are right for them.
Pain Points to Solve
Too many times people are unaware of what options they have when it comes to saving and investing money. E-Wallet Savings Advisor eliminates this information gap and provides a pathway for customers to make the most out of their money.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Sales will be conducted online through a landing page on the company's website as well as through targeted email and other online campaigns. Advertisements and search engine optimization techniques will be used to increase the visibility of E-Wallet Savings Advisor, and blog posts and podcasts can be used to explain the value of the product.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, advertisement and affiliate marketing revenue, commissions from financial services companies, and consulting services from time-to-time.
Cost Structures
Software development and marketing costs, hosting and maintenance costs, customer service costs, and acquisition costs.
Key Activities
Product development, marketing, customer service, and financial advisory services.
Key Resources
Technical team, marketing team, customer service team, financial advisors, and cash.
Key Partners
Financial services firms, banks, and financial advisors.
Competition Landscape
Competition is moderate but there are a few notable competitors such as Wealthfront, Rebalance IRA, and Personal Capital.
Competition Advantage
Price comparison shopping tool, automatic risk-tolerance level questionnaire, and customization based on individual needs are a few key advantages that E-Wallet Savings Advisor provides.
Idea Validation Steps
Customer interviews, focus groups, A/B testing, and surveys can all be used to validate the idea.
Potential Business Challenges
Building brand awareness, selecting the right financial partners, securing customers, and increasing customer loyalty.