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Product Type
The demand for parking spaces fluctuates and is often under-utilized, leaving drivers frustrated and without options to park their vehicles.
Market Size & User Personas
The global automotive market size was estimated to be over 3 trillion USD in 2020. Our user personas are commuters who drive a personal vehicle for their daily commute, as well as private and business vehicle owners.
AutoParkExchange is a platform that will allow drivers to rent out their excess parking space to other drivers who need parking.
MVP Features
Users should be able to register for the platform, search for parking spaces nearby, select parking spaces based on preferred criteria, purchase spots, and review ratings and comments from other users.
Implementation Details
AutoParkExchange will use a combination of geolocation services, payment processing, and user ratings and comments software.
Value Proposition
AutoParkExchange is the most efficient way to find affordable and reliable parking spots. Users also gain the benefit of earning passive income from renting out their own parking spots.
Pain Points to Solve
Our platform will help to solve the problem of limited parking availability, expensive parking fees, and the difficulty of finding parking spots in congested urban areas.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Our primary sales and marketing channels will be online and mobile-focused. We will also target locations with high commuter traffic through physical marketing material like flyers and posters.
Revenue Stream Sources
Our primary sources of revenue will be from transaction fees for parking spot sales and commissions from third-party partners.
Cost Structures
The cost structure for AutoParkExchange will be primarily composed of software development and hosting costs, as well as marketing costs.
Key Activities
The key activities for AutoParkExchange include software development, service design, marketing campaigns, customer outreach, and user feedback.
Key Resources
The key resources for AutoParkExchange include software development, customer service, and marketing personnel.
Key Partners
Other key partners for AutoParkExchange include advertisement platforms, local businesses that may be interested in leveraging our platform to offer discounts, and other payment processing solutions.
Competition Landscape
There are a few other large platforms providing similar services in the automotive industry. Our competitive edge will be our user-friendly and cost-effective platform aimed at efficiency and convenience.
Competition Advantage
AutoParkExchange will offer a streamlined user experience, possibly eliminating the need for manual parking meters and tickets. Our competitive advantage is that our platform will be more cost-effective and user friendly than our competitors.
Idea Validation Steps
We will validate our idea by conducting user surveys and focus group testing, as well as conducting A/B testing of different features and platforms.
Potential Business Challenges
Potential business challenges include the difficulty of maintaining a user base, competition from existing players, and the nature of the business model itself (transaction-based).