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Food & Drink Digital Marketplace

food and drink
Product Type
The current food & drink market is highly fragmented with a lack of user-friendly digital offerings to navigate choices.
Market Size & User Personas
Emerging millennials and Gen Z, tech-savvy, food-obsessed individuals with limited amount of time and resources.
A comprehensive digital marketplace designed to offer convenience and choice to the user, connecting them to restaurants and suppliers within their local area.
MVP Features
Website and Mobile App with user interface to be able to shop and compare offerings, express payments, review ratings and comments, follow favorite suppliers and restaurants, suggest local deals, latest trends and recipes.
Implementation Details
Food & Drink Digital marketplace can be simply created via a web and mobile application, which will be designed and developed taking into account necessary functionality, scalability and security. Major implementation tasks include ui/ux design, web and mobile development and testing, hosting, server-side programming, deploying as well as continual maintenance.
Value Proposition
User-friendly, tech-oriented yet informative, cost-efficient and convenient digital marketplace offer greater choice of restaurant and suppliers within one click, secure payment processing, exciting discounts and deals, latest trends and ideas.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of convenience, lack of choice, lack of visibility and affordability of food and drinks, lack of access to local restaurants and suppliers.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Email marketing campaigns, SEO/SEM, influencers, TV/radio/print ads, digital campaigns, targeted social media campaigns.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, commission fees based on orders, advertising fees from suppliers and restaurants, payment processing fees, optional add-on services.
Cost Structures
Initial setup costs, web/mobile development and testing, recurring costs such as hosting/server-side programming/maintenance, content creation and marketing.
Key Activities
Design, development, testing, promotion, customer service, management of supplier network and pricing, analytics and data tracking.
Key Resources
Skilled designers, developers, marketers, customer service staff, analytics and data tracking individuals.
Key Partners
Suppliers, restaurants and food related businesses, payment processing partner, media companies.
Competition Landscape
Majorly existing food & drink apps, pizza delivery apps, marketplaces such as GrubHub, Seamless and Swiggy.
Competition Advantage
Developing a comprehensive digital platform allowing users to find and compare restaurants, suppliers, surrounding deals and more within the same platform.
Idea Validation Steps
Testing with existing and potential users, analyzing data from the MVP, market surveys​ to get feedback, interviews with industry experts.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition, customer acquisition, security, scalability, user engagement