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Product Type
Motorcycle accidents remain a leading cause of death and injury around the world due to poor judgment and insufficient awareness of potential hazards.
Market Size & User Personas
Global market of motorcycle riders, with primary target personas of commuters, recreational riders, delivery drivers, couriers, and tourists.
A smart motorcycle helmet that integrates various sensors and technologies to monitor the environment around the rider and increase awareness of potential hazards.
MVP Features
Integrated sensors and warning systems for potential dangers; included an interface for connecting and downloading ride data; audio/visual alerts; left-hand/right-hand bluetooth integration; night vision; integrated airbag deployment system; and a companion app.
Implementation Details
Use existing industrial materials (e.g. plastic, metal, foam) to produce the helmet; integrate external sensors on the outside of the helmet; develop companion app for riders to connect to; partner with existing distributions/retailer networks to distribute; partner with existing service providers to ensure customer service and repairs; use existing IoT firmware/technologies
Value Proposition
A safe and smart helmet that protects motorcycle riders from potential hazards while enhancing their riding experience.
Pain Points to Solve
Alert riders of potential hazards; provide a safe and comfortable ride experience; improve visibility during night rides; reduce accident and fatality rates due to increased awareness.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online retailers, physical retail outlets, motorcycle clubs, motorcycle safety groups, national and international dealerships, digital and print advertisement.
Revenue Stream Sources
Product sales, after-market accessories and upgrades, repair services, app subscription/usage fees.
Cost Structures
Materials cost, overhead costs, research & development costs, distribution costs.
Key Activities
Product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, customer service and support.
Key Resources
Skilled engineers, marketing personnel, sales personnel, investors, finance team, customer service team.
Key Partners
Smartphone, phone case, and helmet manufacturers; existing motorcycle safety and awareness groups; existing retailers and distribution networks; repair and service providers.
Competition Landscape
Various products exist that provide some features of the SmartHelmet, though none encapsulate all of the features in a single product.
Competition Advantage
The SmartHelmet will provide a comprehensive solution for motorcyclists, coupled with a comprehensive marketing and distribution strategy.
Idea Validation Steps
Focus groups; surveys; prototypes; user testing; high-fidelity market pilot.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition from existing products; managing regulatory and safety compliance; high unit costs.