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Law Docs Now

Product Type
Referrals are a long, often expensive process that can often be opaque for legal services.
Market Size & User Personas
The US legal services market is estimated at over $156 billion. Law Docs Now will target solo practitioners, small to medium-sized firms, legal departments and individuals seeking legal services.
Law Docs Now is a secure, online platform for legal services. The platform will act as an intermediary between clients and law firms/service providers. It will offer competitive pricing, transparency and a secure and user-friendly platform for communication and legal documents.
MVP Features
The MVP will include an intuitive user interface, secure document and payment portals, a customer support center, easy onboarding for law firms/service providers and an automated referral system.
Implementation Details
Implementation will involve developing a secure online platform, working with a customer service and technical support team, establishing partnerships with law firms and potentially incentivizing end users to sign up.
Value Proposition
Law Docs Now provides a secure, competitive, transparent online platform for legal services. The platform will simplify the referral process, reduce friction and costs and provide a secure and user-friendly communication and document sharing experience.
Pain Points to Solve
The platform will take into account the challenges people face when seeking legal services such as cost, transparency, time and geographic accessibility.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Law Docs Now will be marketed primarily through digital channels such as the company website, social media, online reviews and search engine optimization.
Revenue Stream Sources
Revenue will come from service fees paid by law firms/service providers to be included on the platform, subscription fees, and additional services such as document storage and e-signatures.
Cost Structures
Costs will include salaries, server costs, fees for legal documents, customer service and technical support, account management, marketing and advertising.
Key Activities
Key activities will include developing and improving the platform, establishing partnerships with law firms/service providers, marketing the platform, managing user accounts and providing customer service and technical support.
Key Resources
Key resources will include a team of developers, customer service and technical support staff, marketing and advertising staff and law firms/service providers.
Key Partners
Key partners include law firms/service providers and the customer service and technical support teams.
Competition Landscape
Law Docs Now’s main competition will be other online legal services platforms such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer.
Competition Advantage
Law Docs Now’s competitive advantage will be its focus on competitive pricing, transparency and a secure user interface.
Idea Validation Steps
The following idea validation steps will be conducted: market research, user testing, focus groups, surveying and A/B testing.
Potential Business Challenges
Potential business challenges include: customer acquisition, customer retention, scalability and legal regulations.