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Customized Wedding Wear App

Product Type
In the modern day wedding planning can be a difficult and daunting task due to the vast number of choices and decision that need to be made.
Market Size & User Personas
The bridal wear industry is currently worth $44.1 billion USD in the US alone and is expected to reach $51.9 billion in 2023. The main users are engaged couples looking for wedding attire.
A mobile app that allows users to customize their wedding attire with the guidance of a personal style consultant.
MVP Features
Design custom wedding dresses, custom suits, and formal wear; matchmaking based on couples’ preference, budget, and style; appointment booking and payment.
Implementation Details
Develop a website and a mobile app for iOS and Android users. Plan to launch the product centered around the wedding dress for brides while integrating the other wedding attire such as suits and bridesmaids dresses in the near future.
Value Proposition
Time-saving solution for couples looking to get their wedding attire taken care of quickly and easily without the hassle of a traditional shopping experience.
Pain Points to Solve
Eliminate the hassle of trying to find time to physically go wedding dress shopping; help customers to create their dream wedding dress within their budget; provide high-end and personalized shopping experience on our online service
Sales & Marketing Channels
Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Ads, SEO, Focus Groups, Word of Mouth, Wedding Fairs
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, advertising, partnerships with wedding venues and artists, personalized style consultant session fees.
Cost Structures
Hire engineers, web designers, marketer, to develop and maintain the product; Set up costs such as for hosting and hardware; Ad spend; Fees for advertising and partnerships.
Key Activities
Product Development, Advertising, Marketing, User Experience Improvements
Key Resources
Designers, Software Developers and Engineers, Marketers, Web Designers
Key Partners
Wedding venues, Artists, Dress Designers
Competition Landscape
Traditional physical and online shopping experiences; Existing apps such as WedMeGood, Zola and WedLockers
Competition Advantage
Personalized user experience, faster delivery times, ease of use
Idea Validation Steps
User Surveys, Focus Groups, Testing MVP on target users, Competitor Analysis
Potential Business Challenges
Securing financing, competition, ensuring customer satisfaction