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Smart Shelf

Product Type
Retailers lack an efficient and versatile storing and selling system
Market Size & User Personas
The retail market consists of store owners, store managers, and customers
An interactive shelf that helps store owners/managers efficiently store and present products to customers in a digitalized manner.
MVP Features
Interactive digital shelf, features for customizing the shelf based on industry, adjustable dimensions, customer demographic targeting, and product data capture.
Implementation Details
Using RFID technology and a combination of hardware and software components
Value Proposition
By combining digital technology with traditional physical shelf systems, store owners and managers can gain insight into customer behaviors, tailor shelf size to store layout, present products to customers more effectively, gain customer data insights, and connect products with customers in a personalized way.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of efficient and versatile storing and selling systems, less control over shelf management, and inability to collect customer insights.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Digital channels (e.g. website and app), online marketplaces, retail fairs & exhibitions, and retailer/partner networks.
Revenue Stream Sources
Selling the hardware and software components as a package, subscription fees for using additional services.
Cost Structures
Manufacturing costs, warehousing and storage, marketing and promotion, administrative and customer service, operational costs.
Key Activities
Design, development, and manufacturing; marketing and sales; installation and maintenance; customer service.
Key Resources
RFID technology, hardware and software components, IT and software development talent, marketing and sales team, customer service team.
Key Partners
Retailers, manufactures, and software development companies.
Competition Landscape
Retail stores tend to use traditional shelving solutions, digital signage, and retail consulting services.
Competition Advantage
Access to better shelf management, customer data insight, and personalization opportunities.
Idea Validation Steps
Interviewing key stakeholders, conducting market research, and prototyping.
Potential Business Challenges
The high manufacturing cost, limited hardware and software specialists, lack of widespread adoption, and limited customer data security.