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AI Assisted Live Guidance

Product Type
Consumer/Businesses need help navigating the complexity of a product or task that requires additional guidance beyond a static website or FAQ page.
Market Size & User Personas
Millions of consumers and businesses that need expert help for tasks beyond a website’s ability.
AI Assisted Live Guidance is a service product that pairs customers with live human help that is assisted by AI powered modules to help customers complete tasks quickly and correctly.
MVP Features
Live 1:1 support chat, capture of user data to better serve customer requests, AI powered modules that provide additional guidance to customer queries and requests.
Implementation Details
Platform will need to be developed to integrate within existing customer support operations. AI powered modules need to be developed to better serve customer needs and capture customer data. Platform will need to integrate with existing customer support systems.
Value Proposition
AI Assisted Live Guidance bridges the gap between the limited answers on static support sites and expensive human resources. Live guidance is more intuitive than online support, more cost efficient than expensive customer service.
Pain Points to Solve
Limited and difficult to find answers on support websites, expensive customer service, unsatisfied customer inquiries.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online/social media presence, email campaigns, web development & design, public relations, referrals, affiliate programs.
Revenue Stream Sources
Product usage pay-per-use fees, subscriptions, ad revenue, added value services.
Cost Structures
Development & Implementation of the platform, wages for customer service employees, AI resources, hosting & server costs.
Key Activities
Platform development, data migrations, customer service management, customer relationship management.
Key Resources
Financial resources, human resources, existing customer service systems.
Key Partners
Possible customer support vendors, integrators for existing customer service systems.
Competition Landscape
Similar live AI powered help services, traditional customer service.
Competition Advantage
Insightful customer data capture, intuitive AI powered modules for improved customer experience, lower cost service than traditional customer service.
Idea Validation Steps
Customer interviews, customer surveys, A/B testing of service features.
Potential Business Challenges
Difficult to integrate into existing customer service systems, competition from traditional customer service providers, long development timelines.