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real estate
Product Type
Prospective homebuyers have difficulty searching, evaluating, and buying the right property in the most efficient way.
Market Size & User Personas
Prospective homebuyers and real estate agents.
RealtyTime is a real estate search and analytics platform that takes the hassle out of buying or selling a home by providing powerful search capabilities and easy to use analytics tools.
MVP Features
Searchable property listings, interactive map-based search tools, powerful analytics capabilities, and intuitive listing management features.
Implementation Details
Website, mobile app.
Value Proposition
RealtyTime provides clear insights into the properties prospective homebuyers and real estate agents are interested in, making it easier for them to buy or sell the right property faster and more efficiently.
Pain Points to Solve
Inefficient real estate searches, limited analytics options, inadequate listing management tools.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Paid search, online advertising, content marketing, social media, referral programs, event sponsorships.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, advertisement, promotions, listing fees.
Cost Structures
Personnel, technology, marketing, customer support.
Key Activities
Business development, product design, product development, marketing, customer support, website and app maintenance.
Key Resources
Technology, personnel, funds, equipment, intellectual property.
Key Partners
Real estate agents, technology partners, other related businesses.
Competition Landscape
Zillow,, Trulia, etc.
Competition Advantage
RealtyTime differentiates itself with its search engine’s power and intuitive design that makes it easier to find and evaluate properties in the most efficient manner.
Idea Validation Steps
Market research, customer interviews, focus groups, online surveys, product prototyping.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition from existing players, technology challenges, scalability issues.