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Product Type
Many potential borrowers lack access to traditional forms of financing due to a lack of financial transparency and/or limited credit histories.
Market Size & User Personas
Financial services for borrowers with limited or blemished credit profiles at a global level. Target users will likely have limited access to traditional loans or may experience higher interest rates. Personas include millennials, women entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
Create a digital marketplace that connects lenders to potential borrowers. The platform will provide potential borrowers a way to access traditional forms of financing, while providing lenders with an easy and transparent way to evaluate risk and return.
MVP Features
Customizable credit criteria and scoring system, user profiles, dashboard tracking loan performance, automated evaluation of risk, and automated underwriting.
Implementation Details
Mobile app with targeted UX/UI design, API integrations with various banks and lenders, automated online verifications for fraud prevention, blockchain integration for secure transactions.
Value Proposition
Provides potential borrowers with access to traditional forms of financing while providing lenders a platform to reliably evaluate risk and return.
Pain Points to Solve
Access to traditional forms of financing, higher interest rates, high wait times for loan approval, lack of financial transparency.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online marketing, social media, email, direct mail, outreach to financial organizations in target markets, recommendations from existing customers.
Revenue Stream Sources
Fee from each loan processed, advertising revenue, partnerships with lending organizations, endorsements.
Cost Structures
Employees, platforms, infrastructure, marketing, auditing, customer support.
Key Activities
Developing credit criteria and scoring system, promoting and marketing the platform, automating underwriting process, customer support and service.
Key Resources
Developers, loan processors, customer service agents, marketing and advertising personnel, UX/UI experts.
Key Partners
Government, banks, lenders, credit bureaus, financial advisors, auditors, marketing firms.
Competition Landscape
Other digital marketplaces for financing similar to Lendwith, traditional banks, private lenders.
Competition Advantage
Competitive interest rates, easy-to-use platform, automated underwriting and verification process, focus on ensuring individual customers are getting access to fair and transparent financing.
Idea Validation Steps
Prototype development, customer interviews, surveys, focus groups, pilot tests of chosen audience, A/B testing.
Potential Business Challenges
Regulatory challenges, customer acquisition, customer retention, securing financing, competition.