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Product Type
Small-scale farmers lack access to resources and technologies that bigger players have access to, technologies such as predictive analytics, data collection, and machine learning.
Market Size & User Personas
Though small in number when compared to larger players, this population is an important market segment. This includes individuals from a variety of backgrounds including urban developers, small-scale area farmers, gardeners, net-zero homesteaders, hobby farmers, and other types of experimentation.
An online platform that gives small-scale farmers the same access to resources and technologies that larger players have access to.
MVP Features
Data collection capabilities, predictive analytics capabilities, machine learning capabilities, access to educational materials, and an e-commerce platform.
Implementation Details
The platform will use an open-source framework to enable low-cost scalability. It will be hosted on cloud-based servers using a secure architecture.
Value Proposition
Agri-Internet will provide small-scale farmers with access to technological resources and educational materials to increase their yields and reduce their costs.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of resources and access to technological tools to increase efficiency and profitability.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, content marketing, SEO, organic search, viral marketing, PPC, affiliate networks, email marketing, influencer outreach, and direct mail.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription-based services, advertising, and e-commerce.
Cost Structures
Hosting costs, platform maintenance costs, customer acquisition costs, employee salaries, marketing costs.
Key Activities
Platform development, customer acquisition, maintenance and support, marketing and promotion, value proposition optimization.
Key Resources
Software development team, customer support team, marketing team, infrastructure.
Key Partners
Cloud service providers, educational material providers, web hosting providers, advertising providers, influencers.
Competition Landscape
To be determined after conducting market research.
Competition Advantage
We will leverage our user-centric approach to solving agricultural problems by providing a comprehensive online platform to small-scale farmers.
Idea Validation Steps
Competitive research, user research, market assessment, product assessment, and business model analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
Low-cost scalability, customer acquisition, and marketing expenses.