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Product Type
Retailers have difficulty in marketing their products due to lack of digital marketing knowledge and technical skillset.
Market Size & User Personas
Reach potential customers worldwide that do not have access to physical retail stores, and target small and medium businesses that don’t have the resources to hire digital marketing teams or agencies.
Build a comprehensive, automated digital marketing platform that guides retailers through setup, execution, and optimization of their campaigns, and provides personalized support and analytics.
MVP Features
• Easy setup of campaigns, with automated onboarding and setup • Template creation and campaign insights • A/B testing and optimization tools • Personalized guidance and support from trained staff • Predictive analytics to measure results and effectiveness • Ability to link up with popular social media platforms
Implementation Details
Use a combination of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence technologies to build the platform and automate the processes.
Value Proposition
DigiRetaler enables retailers to launch sophisticated digital marketing campaigns with minimal effort, get access to personalized analytics and insights, and benefit from the knowledge of experienced staff.
Pain Points to Solve
Retailers lack access to data-driven insights, find it difficult to develop technical campaigns, have limited resources to hire marketing teams, and don’t have access to experienced guidance.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct sales, online advertising, content marketing, influencer campaigns, and other digital channels.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription and commission-based services, advertising revenue, and sales of add-on services.
Cost Structures
Development costs, commission fees, marketing and promotional costs, personnel costs, and operational costs.
Key Activities
User acquisition, user engagement, content development, campaign management, technical development, and customer support.
Key Resources
Sales and marketing teams, technical staff, customer service staff, computer networks, and capital for investments.
Key Partners
Content creators, media companies, influencers, payment processors, and other digital retail and marketing organizations.
Competition Landscape
Competitors include social media platforms, traditional digital marketing agencies, and other digital retail marketing solutions.
Competition Advantage
DigiRetaler offers retailers an automated, comprehensive platform that takes care of campaign setup and optimization, backed by experienced staff and personalized analytics.
Idea Validation Steps
Test the platform with a variety of retailers, partners, and customers, get feedback and refine the product accordingly, measure success metrics, develop marketing and sales strategies, and build relationships with key partners.
Potential Business Challenges
Lack of brand awareness, switching costs, and competitive pressures.