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Product Type
A lack of product personalization and a disconnect between customer and store in the fashion industry.
Market Size & User Personas
The global fashion industry is estimated to reach a value of $3 trillion by 2019, with the majority of customers being millennials (aged 18-34).
An interactive virtual fashion experience designed to engage customers and personalize their experience.
MVP Features
The solution will allow customers to: 1. Build a virtual wardrobe of their favorite items. 2. Create and share outfits with their peers. 3. Receive personalized recommendations from Fashionista. 4. See the outfit of the week/style suggestions from trendsetters. 5. Connect to their favorite fashion stores/brands to purchase items.
Implementation Details
The solution will utilize artificial intelligence technology to recommend items and suggest trends. A mobile app will be created to house the virtual closet, provide outfit suggestions, and allow customers to connect to their favorite stores.
Value Proposition
Fashionista will provide customers with personalized product recommendations and the ability to share and compare their style with their peers.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of product personalization, disconnect between customers and stores, and difficulty determining style/trends.
Sales & Marketing Channels
The solution will utilize social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook to drive engagement and spread awareness of the product.
Revenue Stream Sources
The main source of revenue will come through partnerships with stores/brands, where customers can purchase items directly from the app. Other potential sources of revenue include in-app advertisements and subscription fees.
Cost Structures
The main costs associated with the solution will be the development of the app and the cost of acquiring and maintaining partnerships with stores/brands.
Key Activities
The key activities related to the solution are the development of the app, acquiring and maintaining partnerships with stores/brands, and marketing and advertising the product.
Key Resources
The key resources associated with the product are the development team, the partnerships with stores/brands, and the marketing team.
Key Partners
The key partners for the solution include stores/brands that will offer their products directly to customers through the app.
Competition Landscape
The main competitors in the fashion virtualization space are Amazon and ASOS.
Competition Advantage
Fashionista's advantage is in its ability to personalize and offer a more immersive subscriber experience.
Idea Validation Steps
To validate the idea, customer surveys and focus groups can be conducted to determine customer interest/value, market size can be researched, and partnerships with stores/brands can be established.
Potential Business Challenges
The main business challenge associated with the product will be acquiring and maintaining relationships with stores/brands, as well as ensuring customer engagement and retention.