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food and drink
Product Type
Lack of convenient and affordable coffee options in large cities
Market Size & User Personas
Millennials living in major urban cities, including students and those on-the-go
Pop-Caffe will offer a delivery service of coffee and specialty coffee drinks to make coffee more convenient without breaking the bank
MVP Features
Initial version of Pop-Caffe should include an online ordering system, delivery service and customer loyalty program
Implementation Details
Create a website and mobile app for customers to order coffee, establish partnerships with local coffee shops for product supply, and create a delivery service
Value Proposition
Convenience and affordability with a wide selection of coffee drinks delivered quickly
Pain Points to Solve
Long wait time at coffee shops and expensive prices
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media platforms and community outreach through local coffee shops
Revenue Stream Sources
Delivery & convenience fees, product sales and loyalty program subscriptions
Cost Structures
Cost of Coffee product, personnel & marketing costs, website and mobile app development, delivery costs
Key Activities
Product procurement, delivery, customer interaction and feedback, client management, marketing strategies
Key Resources
Mobile app, website, staff, delivery vehicles, partners, customers, employees
Key Partners
Partnerships with local coffee shops for product supply and online payment system
Competition Landscape
Pop-Caffe will be entering a competitive market with many ordering delivery services but will benefit from its niche focus on coffee and affordability
Competition Advantage
Pop-Caffe will have the advantage of affordability, quick delivery and loyalty program subscriptions
Idea Validation Steps
Interview customer personas, establish partnerships for product supply and delivery, and feedback from existing customers of competitive delivery services
Potential Business Challenges
Developing a competitive advantage to existing delivery services, increasing customer awareness and trust, and ensuring on-time delivery