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Product Type
Efficiently connecting healthcare providers and patients located in rural or underserved areas.
Market Size & User Personas
45 million patients and healthcare providers spread across rural and underserved communities in the US.
Provide a digital platform incorporating telemedicine technology, allowing healthcare providers to easily connect with their patients via voice and video communication.
MVP Features
Secure messaging, teleconferencing, appointment scheduling, payment processing, and medical records management.
Implementation Details
Develop an iOS and Android app for TelemedPlus, with a web-based interface for healthcare providers.
Value Proposition
Provide low-cost access to healthcare services for patients in rural and underserved communities.
Pain Points to Solve
Remove barriers to proper healthcare access in rural and underserved areas.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media platforms, digital advertising, word-of-mouth marketing, partnership with healthcare providers.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees from healthcare providers, fees from patient payment processing.
Cost Structures
Software development, employee salaries, overhead costs.
Key Activities
Developing the app, obtaining funding, testing the app, marketing the app.
Key Resources
Software development resources, healthcare provider data, patient data.
Key Partners
Healthcare providers, payment processors.
Competition Landscape
Competition in the telemedicine industry, from startups to large corporations.
Competition Advantage
Providing the most comprehensive telemedicine service in rural and underserved areas.
Idea Validation Steps
Market research, user testing, customer feedback.
Potential Business Challenges
Regulatory and compliance issues, difficulty in reaching customers in rural area.