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Digital Content Marketplace

Product Type
Content creators struggle to get their content out to potential customers, and don't know how to monetize their content.
Market Size & User Personas
Content creators, content buyers/consumers, content providers, and content intermediaries.
A digital marketplace where content creators can post, sell, and monetize their content to buyers and consumers.
MVP Features
Content submission/review system, easy-to-use search and filters for content buyers, content management and analytics, ability for content creators to set pricing and terms, payment gateway, and secure content distribution system.
Implementation Details
Platform will be built using Ruby on Rails, with a MySQL database. Payment gateway will be Stripe. Content will be securely stored and distributed through AWS.
Value Proposition
Using the Digital Content Marketplace, content creators can securely and easily monetize and distribute their content in one place. Buyers can also easily search for and find content they need, making the process of finding and procuring content easier and more efficient.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of easy way for content creators to monetize their work, lack of efficient way for content buyers to find and purchase content.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Organic/earned media, Google Adwords, targeted content on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), affiliate partners, email campaigns.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, one-time purchases of content, advertising, affiliate payouts.
Cost Structures
Development, hosting, third-party integrations, content and customer support.
Key Activities
Platform development, content moderation, customer support, marketing, sales.
Key Resources
Product development team, content moderators, customer support team, marketing and sales team.
Key Partners
Content creators, content buyers, content providers, content intermediaries.
Competition Landscape
Platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Creative Commons.
Competition Advantage
Lower costs for content creators, fast and efficient marketplace for buyers, advanced content analytics for better understanding of user preferences and interests.
Idea Validation Steps
A/B testing, interviews with focus groups of creators and buyers, surveys to gauge user interest and sentiment.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition, pricing and payment avenues (depending on user base).